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Unleash The Creativity: Experimenting with Bold Colors

While my color style is decidedly more neutral with muted jewel tones, I can’t deny that there is definitely a time and a place for bold colors.

I admire designers and homeowners who feel free to experiment with bold color in their spaces. I don’t think I’m that brave! The closest I’ve gotten is a peacock blue powder room (which I do think turned out quite nicely!).

Here are some of my favorite bold spaces I’ve seen recently:

What makes this space work?
The neutral walls and black trim that carries from the architecture of the room to its styling helps tie the bold colors together. They don’t have to be in a complementary palette because the room itself is helping them work.
What makes this space work?
Blue and orange are complementary colors so that immediately is what makes this space visually appealing. But beyond that, the symmetry of the lights and pillows + the neutral tone of the sofa and coffee table enable the bold orange to really pop. The navy tones the orange down slightly, by offering some cool tones.
What makes this space work?
Sometimes all you need is one pop of color – or 3 in this case, all in the same shade of red. This works so well because the rest of the space is 100% neutral. The red bounces off the whites and browns beautifully, while adding visual interest to what otherwise could be a dull space.

Do you have a favorite way of using bold colors? Maybe as paint on the wall, pillows on a sofa, or in artwork? Share in the comments!

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