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How to Curate a Collection

There is a fine line between displaying your collection in a cluttered way versus a curated way.

What makes the difference between clutter and curation?

It comes down to this:

A curated collection shares an overarching element – such as a color scheme, type, or theme.

A cluttered collection has no concept, and isn’t able to convey a message to its viewer.

How to Setup a Curated Collection

1 – The first step in setting up a curated collection is to decide what you want to curate! You may already have items that you love to have on display, but they need a focus.

Closely look at the items you have – what elements do they share? Are they all shades of blues and greens? Do they all fall under a certain theme, like animals or thimbles? Choose your overarching focus for the collection, and discard any pieces that don’t fit (they can be displayed elsewhere, outside of the collection, or turned into a new collection).

In the example below, this curated collection shares an overarching theme of nature. The colors don’t necessarily overly complement each other, but it works because each object is centered on the theme of nature.

2 – Decide where you’d like to display your collection. This could be as easy as an existing cabinet, wall shelf, or bookshelf. The location is an important consideration, though, because you want it to be fairly neutral or complementary, so that it doesn’t compete against your collection. The stars of the show are your items, not where they are being displayed.

3 – Take a second look. Once you’ve picked your items, and where to display them, take a second look and ensure it isn’t overly cluttered. In some cases, you may feel the need to pare down. This is particularly true if you’re displaying figurines or other small objects. Keep in mind, you can always rotate pieces in and out periodically, so all of your objects eventually will be displayed.

4 – Enjoy! Sit back, and enjoy your beautifully curated collection.

Do you have any tips for curating a collection? Please share them in the comments!

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